History of Slots

The history of the slot machine begins in California in 1887. It was in that year that Charles Fey made the first slot machine which had three reels with five symbols on each reel. The objects that Fey chose to place on these symbols were hearts, diamonds, spades, bells and horseshoes. As it was illegal to gamble in California at that time, Fey had to ship all the slots he made, out of state but as the slot machines seemed to find instant popularity, he was able to quickly sell all the machines he could make.

The popularity of the slot machine was almost phenomenal and by 1891 the manufacturers Sittman and Pitts of New York had decide that it was time to make some slots of their own. The slot machines that they made had 5 reels with 10 symbols on each reel, a total of 50. The New York manufacturers decided that they would not use the same symbols that Fey had used and so used playing cards instead and instead of just paying for acquiring matching symbols in a line, their slot machines would pay for any poker hand acquired.

The next major thing to happen in the history of slots occurred in 1963 when Bally manufacturing introduced the first real fully electromagnetic slot machine. They called this machine Honey Money and it was the first slot machine that provided for automatic payouts of 500 coins or less.

Although up to 1976 slot machines had enjoyed a reasonable amount of continued popularity, after that year the popularity re ally soared. This was due to the fact that in that year, the Strip in Las Vegas was introduced to the newly developed video slot machine. In the Vegas casinos, these new slot machines attracted so much popularity that casinos had to devote the largest portion of their floor space, to the playing of these slots and it said that today, there are eight slot machines for every person in Las Vegas.

The video slots were able to be produced with an amazing number of different themes but today, since the introduction of slots to the internet, many more themed are being created for slot machines.

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