How to Play Slots

How to play slots and how to win at slots are two different things. Playing slots is easy to do but although winning on slot machines can also be easy and often is, it is not in any way due to the amount of experience you may have or the amount of skill that you may think you possess, it is purely luck of being in the right place at the right time.

You often hear that some huge progressive jackpot has been won but it is often won by a first time or casual player not only by the die hard slot enthusiast. The slot machine’s popularity is probably to large extent due to the easy way it plays, no skills are needed and anybody can easily start the reels in progress that can result in that mega jackpot being paid out. The winning of a slot machine is random business, determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG) that is embedded in each machine. As this is a random process, it has nothing to do with what reels are held or how much or how many lines are played, it is exactly as the number generator’s name implies; random.

To play a slot machine all you have to do is put in money and press start and the machine with its RNG will do the rest. If you wish, you can play more pay lines than just one or bet anything between the individual machines minimum and maximum bets but the machine will still only pay out an amount that is a percentage of what is paid into it. Different countries, casinos or establishments may be able to set certain percentage payouts to the RNG but once they have been set, the way you play the slot will not deter the RNG from its set percentage. This means that you can play slots all day or just play a single coin but if you are playing the right machine at the time when the RNG decides it is randomly time to make a payout, you will win, regardless of how long you have been playing.

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